The first instalment features a simple rhythm study which will help you grasp the basic idea of the “La Pompe”  feel.  Traditionally Gypsy jazz ensembles don’t have a percussionist, so that role is taken on by the rhythm guitarist(s) who really have to drive the ensemble.  It’s all about being consistent.  The main thing is getting used to putting the chord on beats 1 and 3, and the dead notes on 2 and 4 – which seems odd at first, but think of those dead notes as a snare drum or peddled hi-hat and it should make sense.  Consider this as the foundation of Gypsy style rhythm playing, there are lots of variations other complexities . Just go and listen to the greats – Django, anybody called Rosenberg, Bireli Lagrene… the list goes on.

The TAB is here:  AC01

Tim Robinson, who is something of an authority on the UK scene (more so than me anyway!) made an excellent short video that I also found very useful a while ago.  If you’re interested in a  second opinion, you can see it by clicking here.