Last week marked the start of a six week run where I’ll playing guitar for First Family’s annual Panto at Richmond Theatre.  Over 60 shows in total, with two a day and only about four days off between now and Jan 8th.  This year it stars Maureen Lipman, as well as Chris Jarvis (of CBeebies fame) who also does a great job of directing it.  It’s a really fun show and I’m delighted to be doing it, the rest of the band are all excellent, and really nice, too.

You can get tickets by clicking here! 

I’ve been dep-ing (covering) at Richmond Panto the last few years for my friend Dario Cortese. This year he has moved on to play for Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s new musical, School of Rock, which means I get to do the whole run – which I’m very grateful for!