I’ve recently been trying to navigate my way through a particularly tedious creative slump.   The kind where you find yourself massively bored of everything you do, and where you feel like you’ve boxed yourself into a corner… it’s the worst.

Was it Einstien that said the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results? I don’t know, but seems to make sense. So, in that spirit, I’ve begun stepping outside of my normal operating perimeters and making more use of “technology”.  Specifically, Logic and Ableton*. I know Logic well enough, but have only ever used it to record and mix audio (and do a bit of MIDI stuff when required). Now I’m making an effort to actually delve into the things that I had previously considered “not my thing”.  And, oh look!  It’s fun.

I recorded a Dmajor triad and loaded it into Space Designer (a reverb plug-in) as an impulse response.  This means that instead of the input signal (in this case my guitar) triggering a reverb, it triggers that Dmajor chord. A pretty cool effect, that sort of sounds like a phased-out synth reacting in the background.

*Ableton is still a mystery to me, but I do at least own the program now.