I feel like I should be making more effort with this, here’s an update for the sake of it!

Was recently asked to be part of a production of Evita at The Prince’s Hall, Aldershot. Would have been very easy to turn it down with all the teaching and other stuff going on, but I decided not to. Really glad I did it, it was great fun and I really enjoyed blowing the cobwebs off my reading chops! Great cast and band, too.

Assorted photo evidence:

Other than that, I’m still keeping busy with FRiSK and Tzigauners and am hoping to record some more music this year, because it’s been far too long.

And, I’ve started learning Norwegian. No reason, just need something else for my brain to do…

FRiSK, performing (last night) at Lains Barn (Wantage). The song is called S.O.B but I can’t remember who it’s by: