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My ACM Interview (Cringe)

I’m one of those people that hates the sound of my recorded voice, so you can imagine how I felt about doing a video interview with the ACM for their “Tutor Stories”!

It turned out well though… so all credit the guys that edited it!  Have a watch, I like the shakey-cam.

SG Update


I’ve had this guitar for about three weeks now (see here) and I absolutely LOVE it.  It’s the best guitar Gibson have ever made, and  (despite being an entirely subjective and untestable statement) that is the honest truth.  The only thing I’m not masively in love with is the neck pickup – it’s a bit muddy.  I’m going to swap both out for a new set…

Here’s a little video of it.  I’m messing about with some John Scofield-esque outside ideas over a great bcking track by Quistjam.  I’m going to try and put a lesson together feturing some of these ideas, it’s not a style of playing that I venture into all that often but it’s great fun!

My Next Amp (One Day)

A good friend of mine (a photographer and guitarist) was asked to take some promotional photos to go with a video shoot at Hamstead Soundworks.  I have been aware of this UK based amplifier company for about a year, but until today hadn’t even seen any of their amps in person.  Luckily, I was able to tag along for the shoot and the Hamstead guys were kind enough to let me have a generous play on their Artist 20+RT.

I have to say that is without question the best amp I’ve ever heard.  I had high expectations because their main endorsee is none other than Carl Verheyen (first-call session player and all round guitar legend) but even so, I was totally floored.  The fact is, they’ve got a really unique thing going on – for example the reverb has a tone control effectively allowing you to emulate a subtle plate reverb even though it’s a stanard spring tank in use.  There are other things, but that is something I’ve never seen on an amp before. Here’s a very short vid that in no way does any justice to this monster of an amp… I really need one of these in my life.

JWC Modele Jazz in pictures.

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