Here are 10 free lessons that I have put together for young children who want to try Ukulele.  The Ukulele is a brilliant instrument in its own right (as demonstrated by people like Jake Shimabukuro, for instance) and it’s also a great way for kids to get into music. It’s small, relatively inexpensive, easy to get to grips with, and it’s worth mentioning that it’s a good gateway to other stringed instruments like guitar or bass guitar.

Completing the ten lessons will achieve the following simple but really important musical outcomes:

  • Being able to play several simple melodies.
  • Being able to play simple, musically connected chord sequences.
  • Developing a basic sense of musical time by playing to backing tracks.

No prior knowledge is required, just some patience and a “little and often” approach to practice.  Some adult guidance is recommended too.

Here’s a cool Ukulele specialist shop, but pretty much every music shop sells them.  My advice, don’t spend less than £25.  £40 + will get something noticeably nicer and longer lasting.  Some suggestions:

Duke of Uke (Ukulele shop in London, where I got mine).

Clip-on Tuner (essential)

Introduction – Watch this first, it has the basic info and at 2″05″ shows you how to play the four important chords that you need for these lessons (and more).


Reading TAB ad Chord Diagrams – Watch this if you don’t know how to read the chord diagrams or TAB.

Lesson 1 – First Chords

Click to hear! · First Chords Backing

Lesson 2 – A New Chord

Click to hear! · A New Chord – Backing

Lesson 3 – Rain, Rain (first melody)

Click to hear! · Rain, Rain Backing

Lesson 4 – Famous Chords (a progression used in many songs!)

Click to hear! · Famous Chord Pogression Backing

Lesson 5 – Prep for Lesson 6


Lesson 6 – Morning (a famous classical music melody by Grieg)

Click to hear! · Morning Backing

Lesson 7 – Prep for Lesson 8


Lesson 8 – 12 Bar Blues

Click to hear! · 12 Bar Blues Backing

Lesson 9 – Prep for Lesson 10


Lesson 10 – Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

Click to hear! · Seven Nation – Backing