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April 2017

9 to 5 Production at The Bridewell Theatre.

This last week, I was delighted to be working for The London School of Musical Theatre (LSMT) in their annual post-graduate production.     This was the third year in a row working for the school and each occasion has been genuinely great fun.   The previous two shows were American Idiot (Green Dayʼs adaptation of their album) and Jason and The Argonauts (written by LSMTʼs in-house composer Charles Miller).    This year it was Dolly Partonʼs 9to5.  The guitar parts were quite busy in this one, and in places challenging but was a great excuse to dust off my country chops!

The cast did a tremendous job and it was a pleasure to work with such a good band.

Here are some fairly uninteresting photos!

First gig with the new SG… I know, not very Country…

My ACM Interview (Cringe)

I’m one of those people that hates the sound of my recorded voice, so you can imagine how I felt about doing a video interview with the ACM for their “Tutor Stories”!

It turned out well though… so all credit the guys that edited it!  Have a watch, I like the shakey-cam.

SG Update


I’ve had this guitar for about three weeks now (see here) and I absolutely LOVE it.  It’s the best guitar Gibson have ever made, and  (despite being an entirely subjective and untestable statement) that is the honest truth.  The only thing I’m not masively in love with is the neck pickup – it’s a bit muddy.  I’m going to swap both out for a new set…

Here’s a little video of it.  I’m messing about with some John Scofield-esque outside ideas over a great bcking track by Quistjam.  I’m going to try and put a lesson together feturing some of these ideas, it’s not a style of playing that I venture into all that often but it’s great fun!

New FRiSK Video


In an attempt to get our promotional stuff in order, we organised a long overdue photo shoot for FRiSK at a great venue in N.London called Paradise.  The photos aren’t back yet, but while we were there we shot a couple of simple live videos and they’ve turned out pretty well.  It was an excuse to try out my new camera lens (Sigma 10-20, for anybody that cares) and I’m really pleased with it.  We could have lit it better and the sound, whilst a perfectly decent recording from a Zoom H2n, probably would have benefitted from a couple of well placed “proper” mics… but all that’s a bit of a faff, really – we just wanted to press record and play!  We did three impromptu vids which are all up on our YouTube page, but the one above (Brown Sugar) turned out to be particularly good fun!

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